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Doggy-Bag è tutto fatto in Italia!

Doggy-bag è disponibile nei seguenti formati:

  • Doggy-pack20
  • Doggy-pack50
  • Doggy-pack100
  • Doggy-winebag20
  • Doggy-winebag50

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Co.Va.R.14 operates to preserve the environment by managing urban hygiene, recycling and waste disposal.

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Doggy-Bag is becoming famous!
We are proud of this and we've collected all video/audio files talking about our initiative in this section!

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All our valuable customers must know that by buying our service they will participate to charity causes, helping people in need or caring for abandoned pets. In fact LU S.r.l., producer and distributor of Doggy-Bag, have enclosed in their statute a commitment to devolve a percentage of yearly Doggy-Bag revenues to two charities, one helping the poor and one caring for dogs.

Fratelli di San Francesco d'Assisi ONLUS (website - declaration)

The Center (Trust, Association and Cooperative) has been running since a decade a number of social services in order to preserve personal dignity and accomplish the obligation of social solidarity, granting support to people in trouble and their freedom of choice for the appropriate kind of support they need among those offered by the Center.

Center activity focuses on:

  • preventing and removing social discomfort and emargination causes
  • foster and sustain the needy, the homeless and those seeking help looking for work, training and social recognition
  • endeavour personal independence and self-sufficiency
  • promote networking anfd integration with other urban charities

Associazione Sguinzagliati (website - declaration)

logo sguinzagliatiThe Association aims to promote the development and knowledge of cynophilist culture (in all its various extents) in Italy and abroad while respecting each associate's freedom and dignity.
In order to fulfill this goal the Association organises and runs a number of activities such as, for instance:
• cynophilist and civic education and training through cynophilist activities;
• basic education to endeavour a correct relationship between man and dog in order to let them live in mutual harmony in a social environment;
• organisation of public events that may attract both people and institutions for a positive relationship between man, dog, nature and urban contest;
• construction of a territorial net of similarly oriented associations;
• training ane educational activities for cynophilist professionals and dog owners;
• social projects for education and assisted activities of pet-therapy aimed to improve the impaired and disabled life quality through relating with a dog;
• safeguard, protection and care projects for dogs;
• any kind of suitable action to promote, sensitise, involve population in training and recreative projects.